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crappymaiku's Journal

Crappy Maiku Worshippers
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This community is for those superior individuals who WORSHIP CRAPPY MAIKU!!!

Crappy Maiku is the Truth. Accept no substitutes.

anime, aventres, baloooons, childrens, clouds, comics, crappy maiku, dustbuneys, eatsing the childrens, ferends, fluffees, fun, funneee gaots, furry kurry hentaais, goatses, grammar, grass, ichiban crush, insanity, kimocs, maikuflufff, maikupuffs, meiripuff, moocows, pine trees, puppeyleaf, puppyleaf, rahr, silverpooo, sky, spelling, sterangs, stuffs, the yellow monkey, weerd funcky shapedes thnigs, white peoplse